Frequently asked questions about manufactured homes

Posted on December 6, 2022 by Brooke Jones

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There are a lot of common misconceptions about manufactured homes. You may have questions about making a smart purchase when you’re in the market for a new place to live and Garber Communities is here to help. Affordable manufactured homes can be an amazing option If you’re interested in homeownership!

Garber Communities is known for our all-ages and 55+ communities in Florida with high-quality manufactured homes and resort-style amenities. Our expert staff is here to help you through every step of moving to a manufactured home community, but here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about manufactured homes to help you start your journey.

What is a manufactured home?

Manufactured homes aren’t the same as old-school trailers or mobile homes. When the home was built makes all the difference. After World War II, mobile homes became a popular way to house returning soldiers and their families, but the homes were known to have inconsistent features and quality issues due to rapid production. In 1976, the Department of Housing and Urban Development implemented the HUD code to set federal building standards and regulations for manufactured homes. After HUD code went into effect, any factory-built home became known as a “manufactured home.”

What are manufactured homes like today?

Many of the manufactured homes built today feature modern floorplans and updated features. You can find manufactured homes with state-of-the-art kitchens, open floor plans, luxurious bathrooms and more! Some homes even feature porches and carports. These homes are also highly customizable, so you can design the home or make changes to an existing manufactured home to meet your specific needs.

Are manufactured homes less secure than site-built homes?

Manufactured homes are the only housing in the United States built to a national code, so quality is guaranteed. Because manufactured homes are built and assembled in a factory setting, they don’t face impacts of harsh weather conditions during the construction process. Manufactured homes are built on a permanent steel frame and undergo careful inspections to ensure they are up to code.

Are manufactured homes affordable?

Moving into a manufactured home community can be one of the most affordable paths to home ownership. Purchasing a manufactured home is often more affordable than renting and gives you more freedom to renovate and decorate your space. The cost per square foot on a new manufactured home can be up to 50 percent lower than the cost of a site-built home.

With manufactured home communities, you don’t even have to worry about the cost of buying your own land. Retirement and all-age communities in Florida give you the opportunity to own a home in a beautiful location with resort-style amenities in your backyard.

What are the financing options?

A Title 1 home loan is your best option when it comes to financing a manufactured home. This is a type of loan that can be used to purchase or refinance a manufactured home with lower limits than other loans used to purchase property. You’re also not required to own the land the home sits on, so a Title 1 loan can be used if you’re leasing the land or looking to move into a manufactured home community. To qualify for this kind of loan, the manufactured home must be your primary place of residence and the loan can be used to purchase specific appliances but not furniture.

Want more information on Title 1 home loans? Garber Communities created a helpful guide you can view here.

When can I move in?

Now that you know the basics about manufactured homes, are you ready to make the move? Garber Communities has affordable manufactured homes in Florida waiting for you! Whether you’re looking for one of the best all-ages communities in Florida like A Better Place in DeLand or active senior living communities like Fisherman’s Cove in Dade City, Garber Communities can help find the perfect place for you.

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