Your complete RV trip checklist

Posted on December 18, 2019 by Garber Communities


Going on an RV road trip is a fun way to bond with the entire family and can make for a memorable vacation. However, without the proper preparation, things can quickly go from adventurous to disastrous – forgetting important items, RV trouble or even getting lost.

Eliminate this stress and have the ultimate RV road trip with our complete RV trip checklist.

  • Check your RV
    • Your RV is the most important part of the trip – it gets you from home to all of your exciting destinations! Make sure you give it the attention it needs before you leave. Ensure maintenance is up-to-date and don’t forget to check the:
        • Brakes – Are they working properly? Is there enough brake fluid?
        • Engine – Are all belts in place? Are all fluids filled?
        • Tires – Do they have good tread? Do you have a spare or patch kit in case of flats?
  • Know your RV travel routes
    • Having an idea of where you want to go before you set sail could save you a lot of travel time. Plan out all the stops you need to make and places you want to see ahead of time to find the best RV routes for your trip. And in this modern age, you no longer need to tote around maps or printed out directions – your smartphone will lead the way! Try using navigation apps likeGoogle Maps, Waze, Apple Maps or Sygic GPS Navigation. Bonus: these apps also have features that allow you to search for nearby restaurants, gas stations, stores and rest stops.
  • Schedule your trip
    • There are two types of vacationers – the planners and the free spirits. No matter which kind you are, it’s always good to frame out a basic game plan for your trip. Deciding which RV campsites you want to stay at and the main activities you want to experience will ensure you won’t miss out on anything. Places can fill up quickly, so try to reserve your spot in advance.
  • Research your RV sites
    • If you’re traveling a long way, you don’t want to stay at sites with nothing to offer! Before you go, research all of the amenities the RV parks have to offer and take a look at the excursion opportunities and nearby cities.
  • Next stop: Garber Communities!
    • At Garber Communities, we specialize in creating RV resorts and communities across the Sunshine State. With tons of fun activities, beautiful amenities and ideal locations, Garber Communities is the place to stay on your next Florida RV trip.

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