What is lot rent for a manufactured home in Florida?

Posted on October 13, 2023 by Brooke Jones

Lot Rent

At Garber Communities, we’re in the business of providing affordable, well-maintained manufactured homes in all-ages and 55+ communities in Florida.

We love what we do, and we love answering your questions when you call us to find your dream home. But one question we get quite often is about lot rent. Prospective community members wonder…what is lot rent in Florida? What are the benefits of land lease? What’s included?

We are always happy to walk future residents through this concept, but we wanted to share more about the benefits of lot rent for manufactured and mobile homes with all of you today.

What is lot rent?

So, what exactly is lot rent, anyway? When you buy a manufactured home with Garber Communities, you own the home itself, but you need somewhere to put the home.

Lot rent is what you pay to lease the land your home sits on—the lot—in the community you choose. You pay this fee, which is outlined in a contract, monthly, like you might for rent or HOA fees in different types of communities.

What are the benefits of lot rent?

Those researching the pros and cons of lot rent might wonder why it can be a great choice for those looking at buying a home. The answer, in our opinion, is simple—affordability.

The concept of lot rent can help remove some of the financial roadblocks people have when it comes to getting into a home. Right now, for instance, home prices are rising. There aren’t many options for people who want to spend $200,000 or less on a home, especially if they don’t want to live in a condo where they might share walls with neighbors.

By removing the cost of the land itself from the home purchase, people looking for affordable homes in Florida can get more for their money. They can put less down for the down payment, and potentially have lower monthly costs on a mortgage, which can allow people to both get into a home faster and enjoy their lifestyle after the purchase.

Plus, by choosing to purchase a manufactured home and pay lot rent, these buyers will own their home, rather than paying money for apartment rent or to a condo association, where there might also be separate assessment fees.

What’s included in lot rent?

The benefits of lot rent don’t end with the purchase of a home. Buyers who choose lot rent also get some bang for their buck.

To start, property taxes are handled as part of lot rent—so residents don’t have to worry about what’s assessed or paying on time.

For those wondering “does lot rent include utilities?” there’s good news. Often, it does. Lot rent can also include maintenance, like lawn care, so those who choose this option can rest assured knowing that they won’t have to sweat the small stuff. They can instead focus on enjoying their Florida lifestyle and know that their community will look great.

What are the benefits of lot rent in a Garber Community?

At Garber Communities, we love seeing people get into their dream homes and live the life they love. We think lot rent is a great tool to make that happen. We are also dedicated to making it affordable for people to do that while maintaining high standards.

Because of that, we truly strive to make our lot rents some of the most competitive in the market. Our communities are thoughtfully located, and residents get to enjoy resort-style amenities, like heated swimming pools, fitness centers, beautiful clubhouses, sports courts, hobby areas and more.

Our point of difference is that with our lot rent, residents get more for their money than they might get elsewhere.

Ready to learn more?

Choosing to buy in a community with lot rent might not be for everyone. But, if you think the benefits of lot rent and the benefits of a Garber Community might be a great way for you to get the affordable home of your dreams, we’d love to help.

Please call us at 407-949-8629 or check out the homes we currently have for sale here.