The difference between manufactured homes and trailers

Posted on April 28, 2022 by Brooke Jones

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When you hear the term “manufactured home” you probably picture old-school trailers. You might even assume they’re the same thing.

But the term manufactured home doesn’t only apply to trailers anymore. If you think prefabricated or manufactured homes are poorly-constructed places to live, you’re living in the past!

At Garber Communities, we offer high-quality manufactured homes in the best locations so you can experience all the joys and convenience that come with owning a manufactured home. Here’s an overview of some of the differences between manufactured homes and mobile homes.

When the home was built makes all the difference

The main difference between manufactured homes and trailers or mobile homes is the date they were built. Mobile homes became popular after World War 2 as a convenient way to house returning soldiers and their families. Due to the rapid growth in the need for housing at the time, the quality and features of the homes could be inconsistent. To combat this, in 1976 the Department of Housing and Urban Development implemented the HUD code to set federal building standards and regulations for manufactured homes. After HUD code went into effect, any factory-built home became known as a “manufactured home.” This means that any mobile homes you see today were built before 1976.

Manufactured homes are highly-customizable

Today’s manufactured homes bear almost no resemblance to the mobile homes you may be familiar with. They can be fully customized with modern features and high-quality design options. Some even include exterior upgrades like porches or garages. Size, design and floor plan aren’t limited when buying or constructing a manufactured home. You can own your own affordable manufactured home at a fraction of the cost when compared to homes that are built on a lot. Plus, many manufactured home communities have resort-style amenities at your disposable to enjoy as often as you want.

Manufactured homes can be permanent living solutions.

Manufactured homes are also not truly mobile anymore. These homes are made to be moved only once, from the factory to installation, so it’s important to put a lot of thought into where you install the house. They’re secured on a permanent steel frame, making them sturdy and weather-proof. Florida manufactured homes have stood the test of time and can survive through a lifetime of Florida storms. These homes are built to last by quality contractors and undergo careful inspections throughout the construction process to ensure that they are up to code.

From retirement living to family communities in Florida, Garber Communities is committed to providing high-quality and affordable manufactured homes. If you’re considering living in a manufactured home in a beautiful Florida community, Garber Communities has a large variety of affordable manufactured homes for sale! To learn more about our available homes click here or call 407-949-8629.