Staying active as a 55+ adult: Why is it so important?

Posted on March 30, 2022 by Brooke Jones

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As we get older, we tend to lead more sedentary lives than we had in the past. In fact, by the age of 75 about one in every three men and one in every two women engage in zero physical activity. However, while this may currently be the norm, it’s important to note that exercising during your golden years is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At Garber Communities, staying active is easy and fun. Whether you’re taking a dip in one of our sparkling pools or playing at one of our many sport courts with friends, you’ll have easy access to amazing amenities and recreation areas. But why is it so important to stay active?

Physical activity is linked to improved cognitive abilities and motor function

An incredibly important reason to stay active is to improve your cognitive function. As we get older, we are more prone to different forms of age-related dementia. Physical activity helps to combat that and improve the way you think and feel. This is the logic behind why a common form of therapy for Parkinson’s Disease patients is dance movement.

Staying active is beneficial to mental health and social wellness

Another reason to engage in exercise is to maintain good mental health. According to Harvard Health, low-intensity workouts release proteins and endorphins that help to improve your mood. At many of our senior living communities, adults are creating fun exercise groups with neighbors. This is helping to improve their mood and overall social wellness. Garber Communities’ Parks have many onsite amenities to make exercise easy like gyms, nature trails, pools, shuffleboard courts and more.

Maintain bone strength and reduce falls

Falls over the age of 55 can have very serious consequences. We tend to be more at risk because of the decrease in our bone density and strength. Staying active helps to reverse some of that by building muscle mass and maintaining bone strength. This aids in preventing falls by keeping you balanced and grounded.

Exercise improves overall health

Last but certainly not least, exercise helps improve your overall health. Compared to those who participate in no physical activity, those that exercise have reduced risk of chronic illnesses and diseases. Exercising as a 55 plus adult improves your immune system and helps you manage your weight at the time when you need it most.

At Garber communities, we offer some of the best active adult communities in Florida. We want you to get the most out of retirement living, which means you need to feel your best. Many of our communities offer resort-style amenities to keep you healthy, active and, most importantly, having fun! Our Parks are situated in locations that are walkable to some of the best downtown areas in the state. If you’re interested in finding affordable manufactured housing in Florida, without sacrificing location, give us a call at 407-949-8629 to discover your new dream home at a Garber Community today! Click here to view available park models: Link.