How to have the perfect RV trip

Posted on June 7, 2022 by Brooke Jones

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Summer is the perfect time to take part in the grand tradition of “The Great American Road Trip!” There’s no better way to see the country with your family or friends than from the comfort of an RV. Whether you want to take a trip across America or just explore your home state, RV travel provides a personalized and comfortable experience like no other trip you’ve ever taken before. Here are a few a steps to get you ready to have the perfect RV trip this summer.

Check your RV

Before you can hit the road, you’ll want to make sure that your RV is ready to safely take you to all your exciting destinations. If your RV hasn’t been taken in for regular maintenance recently, it would be a good idea to check that off your to-do list before your trip. Ask yourself the following questions when checking the state of your RV:

  • Are the brakes working properly? Is there enough brake fluid?
  • Do the tires have good tread? Do you have a spare tire or patch kit in case of flats?
  • Are all the engine belts in place?

Choose your destination

While you might be inclined to see where the road takes you on your journey, it can be helpful to have a stopping point in mind — especially if it’s your first RV trip. Take some time to research popular RV destinations because these cities will have all the resources you need when you arrive including luxury RV resorts and maintenance or wash stations. You can choose to travel to one spot and spend more time there, or you could plan a trip with multiple spots and explore even more.

You’ll want to add Florida to your list of potential destinations for the state’s stunning natural wonders and many attractions. Garber Communities is known for having some of the best RV parks in Florida with resort-style amenities to make your trip exceptional.

Time to plan

Now that you know where you’re going, it’s time to work out the details. Consider things like the route you’ll take, which activities you don’t want to miss and where you’ll be staying. No need to unfold a map or print your directions — you can use your phone or GPS to guide the way. Review the route before you hit the road and decided where you want to stop or get gas. Book your spot at an RV community or resort ahead of time and map out your can’t miss attractions.

Pack up and head out

Your trip is planned and it’s time to hit the road! Packing for an RV trip can be different from packing any other trip you’ve taken, so you’ll want to make sure that you have everything that you need. When you’re travelling in an RV you have the luxury of bringing more of what you want because you’re essentially in a home on wheels, but remember that RVs have weight limits, so don’t go overboard and overpack. Bring only one or two of any household or kitchen items you might need and remember that you can stop at a laundry mat to wash your clothes, so you can pack light. Some RV resorts even have on-site laundry facilities, including Garber Communities’ Parks. Don’t forget the fun stuff too! Pack essentials for outdoor adventure and movie or game nights that will be perfect for making memories with your family and friends.

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