Adventure Island is located right next door to Busch Gardens.This 30 acre waterpark will bombard you with waterslides, pools, and tropical tranquility. Wherever you go, adventure is right around the corner. There’s no better way to have fun in the sun than enjoying the day at your nearest waterpark. And luckily for you, Adventure Island will offer you that and more. Here’s what makes it a great escape for you and you family.


The waterpark is ravished with 10 exciting water rides including the very new Vanish Point, an attraction that offers a thrilling free fall. You can enjoy rides solo, with a partner, or even with a group! Whether you’re gliding on a float or on your very own, each ride has its climax of adventure. You can purchase quick queue tickets to avoid long lines and hop right into the fun! Adventure Island also provides dining and shopping areas to add onto all the entertainment.

Pools and Rivers

Apart from all the amusing rides, you can also take advantage of the pools and rivers found throughout Adventure Island. Get the chance to swim around, jump off mini cliffs, or bounce around in the Endless Surf, a 17,000 square foot wave pool that is powered with frantic waves awaiting you every 5 minutes. Sometimes you need a break from all the action and a time to relax. Alongside the pools are sandy areas with tons of  poolside lounge chairs and hammocks for you to lie on. In addition, you can grab a float and hop onto the lazy river, a half-mile trip that takes you along a calm and peaceful rainforest.

Holiday Springs Offers Adventure

During your stay at Holiday Springs, enjoy our many amenities as well as the fun, family opportunities offered at our local attractions. Purchase tickets to Adventure Island waterpark and visit the website to learn more about its seasonal hours. And contact Holiday Springs RV Resort to learn more about our community, monthly events, and home availability.