Traveling the world is a dream for most people. It’s crazy to think about all the beauty that’s left to explore on earth. But the real question is, how can you maintain financial stability while still being able to enjoy the benefits of full time traveling? There are various approaches you and your family can take to ensure a quality, enriched travel experience. Here are some of the ways you can make it happen!Tips To Afford Full Time Traveling

Save for the Future

It can be a challenge to put priorities in place, especially with our bad spending habits, or materialistic desires. One of the most important factors of introducing full time traveling is saving up and having money available. There are tons of ways you can gather money. Whether you minimize impulsive purchases, sell some of your personal items, or work extra hours, always keep the future in mind and have your money ready to go.

Work Exchange

Sometimes, we know where we want to go and what we want to do. But when it comes to full time traveling, making sure you have a place to stay is a biggie! Work exchange is one of many methods that can offer you that luxury. A work exchange is an opportunity for travelers to stay with a local host and give a few hours of help per day in exchange for free room and board. In the RV world, it can similarly be referred to as work camping. Terms of the exchange and living arrangements vary by host. Travel to foreign areas and experience work exchange to get a feel of the different cultures and environments. Some online networks that offer work exchanges include: Help Exchange, Workaway, and World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

Travel on a Budget

Whenever we imagine full time traveling, it most likely encompasses expensive and luxurious vacations or extravagant adventures. As overwhelming as it can be to think about how much money traveling can consist of, there are also ways to enjoy all of those benefits while paying less and maintaining a budget. With the right resources, you can have a richer travel experience that costs less. Along with planning ahead comes setting a budget that allows for you to explore more. Cut on living expenses and save up for adventure. Avoid constant flights or transportation fees. The longer you stay in one area, the more money you can save and contribute to getting familiar with a new place, its people, and its culture.

Work While Traveling

Realistically, you should plan on working or having a job that can supply an income in which you are able to afford successful long-term travel. You can explore new places and go on fun adventures all while still making money! There are many job opportunities out there that you can be a part of. Research how to get started on freelance work or apply to a job temporarily at a location near you. You can even have fun and start your own travel blog. Figure out what means most to you and apply it to your job. Working doesn’t always have to be stressful if you really enjoy it. Making money and exploring the world will make full time traveling less of a pain.

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Looking to start small? Visit one of our Garber Communities and begin your journey of full time travel. We are a 55+ friendly environment with some family friendly communities as well. Our locations offer available RV reservations and homes for sale. Check out our website for more information. It’s never too late to start your journey!

Traveling has been around for as long as the ages. Along with the evolution of the world came newly developed forms of transportation and travel. From walking, to horseback, to vehicles on wheels, humans learned to survive and carry out their daily life. In today’s world, most of us are familiar with an RV. But how many of us actually know the history behind these recreational vehicles? Let’s go back in time to recall just how the RV started, and how it developed into today’s form.

Recreational Vehicles

Due to the increasing popularization of the automobile and zeal of exploration, humans brought about what we now know as the RV.  The beginning of the modern day RV industry dates back to 1910. Covered wagons used by early gypsies and caravans inspired the architecture of recreational vehicles. Oftentimes, RV’s were attached to cars or trucks. Otherwise, they were built as separate units to be attached by hitch to a tow vehicle.

The Rise of the RV

It wasn’t until the 1930’s that RV’s were available for commercial purchase. The first designed RV’s did not have advanced features such as bathrooms or septic tanks. Contrarily, they were very simple. However, as they became more popular, they evolved into vehicles that suited people’s comforts. Soon enough, RV’s provided luxuries similar to that of a home. Alongside the evolution of recreational vehicles, motor homes gained recognition around the 1950’s. And the production of motor homes was established in 1967.

The Evolution of RV’s

Although RV’s gained popularity, they did experience times of backslide during the Great Depression following World War I. People began to use recreational vehicles as mobile hospitals, morgues, and prisoner transports to support the war efforts. As RV’s continued to evolve, the public’s interest did too. While these vehicles were popular as a means of full time living or seasonal camping, they soon became a tool of transportation for travel. Newly developed technologies triggered a change in the features of RV’s. Additions included bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and internet.

Start your RV Journey with Garber Communities

Nowadays, people appreciate recreational vehicles for many different reasons. Whether it is long distance travel or occasional vacationing, RV’s have become a useful tool in transportation. If you’re in need of some time to relax, visit one of our Garber Communities and reserve your space. We offer scenic nature and amenities you can enjoy. Now that you know more about the history of RV’s, start your journey today!

What feels better than home? For some people, “home” is in their RV. Maybe the RV life isn’t for you. But here at Garber Communities, our main goal is to ensure and provide a good quality life to all of our visitors and residents. Consequently, Garber Communities aspires to be a place people can call their home. As a matter of fact, there are eleven Garber Communities RV resorts spread throughout the state of Florida. Therefore, each location is accessible for local RV enthusiasts or visitors looking for a nice place to stay. So what about Garber Communities makes it stand out from the rest?Garber Communities RV Resorts: Where Lifestyle Becomes Home

About Our Parks

Garber Communities has RV Resorts for 55+ active adults and for families. Our many locations will help to best suit the lifestyle of our visitors and residents. In need of a getaway? Our communities offer RV reservations to those looking for a vacation. Whether you stay daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, you can visit our website and check out which rates work best for you. To those looking for more than just a getaway, Garber Communities also has homes for sale. Our value corresponds to providing an affordable living space that allows you to have the life you’ve always wanted at a decent price.

Garber Communities RV Resorts and Mobile Home Parks

Not only does Garber Communities have eleven different locations you can visit, but also, all communities relatively lie within the central Florida area. With tons of activities and beautiful amenities, Garber Communities are easily the nicest places to stay! Uniquely, our communities are ideally located near main hubs while enjoying the secludedness of nature. Below are our several locations:

Amenities & Attractions

Each Garber Community has its share of unique recreations! From Florida nature, to libraries/clubhouses, to engaging activities, Garber Communities has it all! Our parks feature attractions such as natural springs, hiking trails, and nearby beaches. This ensures that all our visitors and residents can enjoy the serenity and secludedness of Florida nature, while having fun attractions nearby. Some pastimes you can enjoy during your stay include the swimming pools, picnic areas and monthly or seasonal activities such as bingo, shuffleboard, and holiday parties. Visit each website and learn more about what Garber Communities RV Resorts have to offer!

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Visit our website and stay up to date on the latest news and events. Whether you are looking for a temporary getaway or a home away from home, don’t wait any longer and make a reservation at one of our locations. Check out our homes for sale and start a new lifestyle in our safe, protected environments.