Walking through a peaceful park atmosphere is a great way to connect with yourself and with nature. Sometimes, we find ourselves getting caught up in the hassle of everyday life. But if you’re looking for the perfect destination to get away, Highlands Hammock State Park is the place to be.

Park History

Highlands Hammock State Park is one of Florida’s oldest parks. Opening to the public in 1931, this park was established when local citizens came together to promote the hammock as a candidate for national park status. During the Great Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) developed additional park facilities and the beginnings of a botanical garden.

Activities at Highlands Hammock State Park

Many visitors enjoy bicycling the scenic 3-mile loop drive or hiking along the park ́s nine trails. An elevated boardwalk traverses an old-growth cypress swamp. For equestrians, there is an 11-mile, day-use trail. Other popular activities include picnicking as well as ranger-guided tours of the park. Highlands Hammock State Park also offers a full-facility campground and a youth/group tent campground. A recreation hall is available for rental, as are several picnic pavilions. Make a stop at the museum which showcases the history of the CCC.

  • Open from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Located on County Road 634, 4 miles west of Sebring

Julia Park Is the Place to Be

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Walking through a nature trail can be so much more than just a walk. Taking your time to focus on the beauty of the scenery makes it even better. Meditating or observing the insects and plants in their natural habitat can be a way to relax and bring peace to your experience. Grab your friends and family and explore some of the things you can do before, during, and after a nature walk. Below are some ideas!

Before a Nature Walk

It is good to know that any kind of exercise is considered healthy for your body. Engaging in some sort of physical activity is a great way to improve overall stamina. Exercise can also relieve stress and generate a happier lifestyle. Before heading off to a walk in nature, being mentally prepared is important. When you tell your mind that the exercise will be of benefit, it will give you motivation to keep going. Try some of the following to help give you the motivation:

  • Begin your day with some healthy snacks such as fruits, oatmeal, or yogurt to supply you with energy along the way.
  • Meditate on your favorite book, devotional, or personal journal.

During a Nature Walk

Nature radiates peaceful energy and is the perfect place for you to meditate on everything you’ve been thinking about. Take deep breaths and enjoy the moment. Oxygen levels are high in the outdoors and you’ll find it alleviating to breathe in the fresh air. Having a friend alongside you throughout your walk will be good company. Even taking time for yourself is beneficial for your mental health. Consider some of these ideas:

  • Bring a camera to capture memorable moments.
  • Rest throughout the trail and focus on your favorite views.
  • Use the nature walk to recall your favorite memories growing up.

After a Nature Walk

After walking, you will most likely be ready for another meal. Nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates will help you maintain muscle and provide energy to your body. If you take walks as frequently as possible, it can improve your overall health. End your experience with these options:

  • Grab your journal and write about the highlights of your nature walk.
  • Cook a health sufficient meal packed with nutrients. For example, beans, eggs, bagels, or baked potatoes.
  • Go for a splash in a nearby swimming area to cool down and relax for the day.

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