Looking to immerse yourself in Greek culture without actually going there? It is possible! Orchid Lake RV Resort is only 9.6 miles away from Tarpon Springs Docks. But Tarpon Springs is not your college Greek village, this is the real deal. Featuring restaurants, markets, bakeries, shops, and the finest sponges, this city is a local attraction that you cannot miss. And so close to our Orchid Lake RV Resort community!

Food Galore

We all love a hearty meal. Not only is the food quality important, but also the conviviality present at the dinner table. Look no further! Tarpon Springs Docks offers a plethora of restaurants that have that family feel. With Greek food as their specialty, this beautiful beach town is the perfect place to go for an evening of fine dining.


If you are looking to get some souvenirs for your loved ones, Tarpon Springs Docks has many shops to choose from. Also, did you know that you can get some of the finest sponges there? With natural sponges as their specialty, the Tarpon Sponge Company houses bath and body loofah and natural sea sponges. The beauty of these sponges is that they can be used for decoration as well! So, go pay them a visit and get some souvenirs to bring back.


At Orchid Lake RV Resort, we have tons of monthly events for our visitors and residents. But if you are looking to go out in the town, Tarpon Springs Docks also has several events and festivals. Ranging from dancing, food, cultural, and parades, these events take place year-round. You can check out their schedule here.

Arts and Culture

Florida is full of nature to admire and a mix of culture to appreciate. Did you know that Tarpon Springs is home to one of the biggest Greek communities in Florida? Yes, this is because when the sponge diving business was booming, spongers from Greece were hired to do the job. So, to learn more about the history of this city you can visit the historic district, take some cultural classes and workshops, or visit the Safford House Museum.

Explore What Surrounds Orchid Lake

At Orchid Lake RV Resort, we love our community and strive to put together events for all. But we also enjoy what our neighboring towns offer. And that is just one of the many benefits of our community, its proximity to exciting attractions. Visit us to get more information on reservation and on our community.