RV travel can be exciting. Sometimes, preparing for a trip is more important than the trip itself. Nobody wants to be midway down the road and realize they forgot something. Before heading out, preparation is key to a successful plan. Making sure that you have covered all the bases for a trip will result in an even better experience for you and those tagging along. We want to make sure that you can pull into your RV site on time, well rested, and stress free. Apart from everything you have to arrange when you arrive, here are some helpful tips to consider during your RV travel preparation.

Check Your RV

There are a list of things you should analyze when it comes to your RV. After all, your vehicle is what will get you from point A to point B.

  • Check on your brakes and make sure you have enough brake fluid. Coming across issues with your brake can cause serious accidents.
  • Examine the RV’s engine to ensure that all fluids are updated and belts are secure.
  • Check the tires. This is huge when it comes to all vehicles! But you want to make sure that your RV is all ready to go for that long distance trek.

Know Your Route

Obviously, you won’t be too confident traveling to a new destination without the help of a map or GPS. Make sure you have a source readily available to help you get to where you need to be. It’s not the 90’s anymore! So, with the latest technologies, digital maps and GPS’s can even inform you on live and upcoming weather and traffic reports. Traveling in foul weather is never good, especially when stuck in traffic. Make sure you are aware of these things before stepping out into the open road. Here are some of the most used navigation apps:

Schedule Your Trip

There are two kinds of people in the world. The free spirited and the planners. When it comes to RV travel, spontaneous stops can be a thrill for some, but if you plan on getting to your destination in time, it’s convenient to have your full days worth of activities planned prior to taking off. Plan how many times you will stop to use the restroom or grab a bite, if necessary. Also, be aware of your destination’s check-in hours to avoid being locked out of your site.

What Does Your Site Have to Offer?

What’s the point of traveling somewhere if there’s nothing to do? Have a reason behind why you choose a specific destination. And Garber Communities offers amenities and beautiful locations filled with activities to entertain visitors and residents. With the best RV Resorts all throughout Florida, visitors and guests can enjoy doing many different things. From fire pits, to natural spring water pools, to heated pools, shuffleboards, nature trails, and monthly community events, you will savor your RV travel experience.

Make Garber Communities Your Next Stop

Garber Communities is always more than happy to accommodate to your needs. Spread throughout the state of Florida and easily accessible, each of our locations will keep you in a peaceful environment throughout your whole stay. Visit our website to learn more about our parks or contact us to schedule a visit or to reserve your space.

There is a first time for everything which means all RVers started their journey at one point. Just like any motor vehicle, there is a lot to keep in mind when investing/owning an RV. It’s beneficial to know how to encounter and go about an RV road trip. What are the steps you should take? What kinds of tools are important? The following points will allow you to be aware of what to expect on your first RV road trip.

Upon Arrival…

If you’re new to the RV lifestyle, you’ll notice that every RV park offers different sites and services. Figure out if your site can arrange an escort service to assist you in situating your RV. If you are satisfied with your rig space, be sure to disconnect any towed vehicles from your RV. Also, avoid any obstacles that may interfere with the capabilities of your RV. Particularly, potholes, road bumps, slopes, plants, or low hanging branches. Some RVs provide slide-outs or awning features. Make sure there is enough space for both features to operate properly throughout your RV road trip. It is especially important to know where the electrical and sewer hookups are located on your RV. And park your vehicle so that each hookup will meet with those of the site.

Settle Your Space

Once you park and situate your RV, it’s time to settle your space. If you are driving a motorhome, start off by putting your vehicle on the parking brake then chock the wheels. Slideouts will not function without this precaution. You can then connect power to your RV. Plug the electrical shore power cord into the campsite receptacle that matches the amperage requirements of your RV. Avoid the use of extension cords and resort to an electrical adapter. Overall, follow up by making sure your electricity is functioning. Particular RVs come with manual or electronic entry steps that can be pulled out for use. Be sure to pull in the steps before returning to your RV road trip.

Generate Water Supply

Use a potable RV water hose when connecting your RV to the water supply. Attach one end of it to the tank on the side of your RV and the other end to the campground’s water supply. If your campground does not provide water supply, invest in a water pump. As for sewer, wear gloves to attach the hose to a drain outlet. Ensure that you seal your connection securely. Invest in a sewer support system. This will allow for a smoother drainage process. To save LPG, set your heater to electric mode and assure that your heater tank is full of water.

Sit Back and Relax

At Garber Communities, you can end an RV road trip with peaceful and friendly surroundings. Park your vehicle and enjoy the alluring Florida nature as seen at our sites. Take a walk on a nature trail or make a stop at the library. We offer many amenities in the hopes of pleasing our guests during every visit. To reserve your RV space, give us a call or visit our locations.