Orchid Lake RV Resort is about 30 miles away from a day full of fun and adventure. Busch Gardens is the perfect family attraction for people of all ages to enjoy. Offering activities such as roller coasters, live shows, animal action, and great food, this theme park is a hit! Florida weather is unpredictable, so dress accordingly. After a visit, you won’t regret all the thrill you experience at Busch Gardens. Read on to learn more about some of the amenities you can engage in around the park.

Tickets and Passes

Some people visit more frequently than others. While some visit occasionally or during the holidays. Either way, Busch Gardens has the perfect ticket options for you. If you plan on going multiple times throughout the year, annual passes start at $9.99 a month. There are 4 different types of annual passes, some offering admission year round, as well as free parking! You can also purchase vacation packages that include a kid’s free pass, buy 2 nights get free (at a hotel of your choice), SeaWorld and Busch Gardens package, and a CityPass Tampa Bay package. Upgrades are also offered which include a quick queue, dining deals, unlimited digital photos, and access to tours. Visit the website for further information.

Rollercoasters and More

Its the coasters that call visitor’s names. Busch Gardens is popular for its 15 rides! All ranging in different scales of thrill, there is a ride accommodating to every person’s tolerance levels. If you like twists and turns, rides such as Cheetah Hunt, Tigris, Montu, Kumba, Sand Serpent, and Cobra’s Curse are the rides for you! If you’re more into downhill adrenaline rushes, you’ll love Sheikra, Flacon’s Fury, and Wild Surge. For those planning to bring children along, there are smaller rides and a village much like a fair dedicated to kids. Florida weather can get hot and humid. No need to worry because there are also water rides for when you need to cool down. There’s much more to explore.

Animals and Live Shows

Believe it or not, Busch Gardens is home of the largest zoo in the Tampa area. There are more than 300 species of animals. You can participate in animal feeding opportunities, safari tours, and see the Serengeti Plain. Busch Gardens truly cares for the animals. In addition, the theme park hosts many live shows. Some of which include the animals themselves! They are trained to perform cool tricks for the audience. During the latter months of the year, Howl-O-Scream is the perfect event for Halloween enthusiasts. Special performers present Christmas shows and Busch Gardens puts together Christmastown, a beautiful event for the holidays.

Food and Cuisine

Throughout the park, you’ll find tons of places to stop and eat. Theme parks can be exhausting. Relax and cool down in the many restaurants at Busch Gardens. Every restaurant satisfies different appetites. There are lunch options such as hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches and pizza. Or dinner options that include full meals with pasta, meat, dessert etc. Some restaurants provide foreign cuisines to promote African Culture. You’ll also find mini food stands that serve ice-cream, popcorn, candy, cold beverages, and other small snacks for if you need a quick bite.

Orchid Lake RV Resort: Fun and Relax

While relaxing in the calmness of nature here at Orchid Lake, go out for an adventurous time at Busch Gardens. There are many other local attractions worth visiting too! Peace and adventure combine to create a great outcome. Visit us today and check out our area. Give us a call or contact us to learn more about our community.

4150 S Suncoast Blvd, Homosassa, FL 34446

At Garber Communities we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing great quality and lifestyle. But the best part of our RV resorts is their location. We acquire properties that are unique, so our residents and visitors can have a unique experience. To that end, Orchid Lake RV Resort is deemed as a hidden gem in the Tampa Bay area. Boasting a beautiful lake, gathering spots, and monthly events, Orchid Lake is also near fun attractions. Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park is one of them. Only 37 miles from our community, Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park is one of Florida’s State Parks where you can see endangered Florida species and more.

Into the Wild

Journey into the wild at this state park and experience the wild side of Florida. This park has a showcase of local flora and fauna, and beautiful springs. If you are a nature lover or avid hiker, don’t miss what Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park has to offer! With daily Manatee Tours, Wildlife Encounter programs, or Alligator/Hippopotamus program, this state park provides an educational and fun experience to its visitors.

Go Hiking

A 1.1 mile trail awaits you! The beautiful trail that winds the park offers paved trails and elevated boardwalk systems. This is the perfect place to make the most of your nature walk. Also, you can take a break and picnic in the many designated picnic areas throughout the park. Or, if you prefer, you can go birding in the .75-mile Pepper Creek Trail at the park.

Get Hitched

Yes, you read it right! Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park is also a wedding venue. The headspring of the Homosassa River serves as a backdrop to provide a heart-stopping scene. And some of the outdoor wedding options are the gazebo, or the river and garden pavilion. Couples may also choose to have the wedding inside at their Pepper Creek Terrace Space.

Go on an Adventure at Orchid Lake

Our properties at Garber Communities provide an environment that is conducive to community and tranquility. And at Orchid Lakes RV Resort, residents and visitors enjoy both of these qualities. So come visit us online and learn about our community. Make a reservation today and experience the adventure life is!

Did you know that Orchid Lake RV Resort’s home airport is one of the best in the nation and the world? Now, you do! Tampa International Airport is only 23.5 miles from Orchid Lake RV Resort. This international hub is one of the best airports in the nation with a focus on customer satisfaction and experience, as well as the diversity in destinations.

Opening Gates to the World

The city of Tampa is proud to boast natural and urban beauty that attracts thousands of visitors annually. In addition to being recognized as one of Florida’s most hipster cities, Tampa also prides itself on its booming economy. However, this recognition is also thanks to its effective airport. Built in 1971, Tampa International Airport serves more than 70 destinations and plans on adding a lot more. Also, this airport is one of America’s favorite. The good news is that TPA is continually adding new non-stop routes, like Tampa to London, Frankfurt, and Zurich, just to mention a few. But this is not only good for Tampanians to fly anywhere. This is especially convenient for our out-of-state residents and visitors. So, if you want to fly in or out of Tampa, you can easily do so!

Visit Orchid Lake

Don’t wait any longer to pay our community a visit! Orchid Lake RV Resort is a fun place where our residents and visitors enjoy the beauty of our grounds and the quietness of the nature that surrounds us. Come and become a part of our family of campers and experience the best of life. Visit us online and make a reservation today.

6131 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606

On a good day, there’s nothing better than having fun in the great outdoors. With Weeki Wachee Springs being just 18 miles away, you and your family can do just that! Weeki Wachee has it all. The State Park is one of Florida’s most legendary and unique family destinations, entertaining audiences since 1947. Enjoy the many activities the park has to offer .

Mermaid Show

Weeki Wachee is most famous for their legendary mermaid shows. The Mermaids of Weeki Wachee perform their version of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid live. They present underwater feats that blow the audience away! The show also includes several musical numbers as well as historical information (via video). You won’t want to miss that experience!

Paddling Adventure

Grab your friends and paddle through the natural beauty of the water that is the Weeki Wachee river. With beautiful Florida nature all around you, this will be more than a great ride. While paddling, visitors can take advantage of the fun and relaxation of this activity while engaging in some exercise! You can make kayak reservations on their website or rent canoes and stand-up paddle boards. Plan your paddling adventure today!

Go For a Splash

After a hot and swift ride down the river, you can enjoy the fresh and tingly pleasure of the natural springs at Buccaneer Bay. With your paid admission to Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, a swim in Buccaneer Bay is free! Make a splash and enjoy the waterslides, sandy beaches and Lil’ Mates Caribbean Cove that the park is equipped with.

River Boat Cruise

On this peaceful float along the pristine waterway of the Weeki Wachee River, you will come across a variety of native animals as well as endangered West Indian manatees if you get lucky! Savor the view of Floridian wildlife while being guided by a River Boat Captain who informs and entertains those aboard with plenty of interesting points about the natural park.

Wildlife Experience

Discover the Wildlife Animal Encounter Shows at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park and be amazed with some of Florida’s native wildlife, including alligators, snakes, exotic birds, and more. It’s a fun, entertaining, and educational program for people of all ages to enjoy while visiting.

Beyond Orchid Lake RV Resort

Weeki Wachee is just one of many other local attractions you’ll find near Orchid Lake RV Resort. On top of the relaxed environment you’ll find at Orchid Lake, your stay can be all the more grand when you jump out into the community. Visit us now. For more information, contact us today.

Looking to immerse yourself in Greek culture without actually going there? It is possible! Orchid Lake RV Resort is only 9.6 miles away from Tarpon Springs Docks. But Tarpon Springs is not your college Greek village, this is the real deal. Featuring restaurants, markets, bakeries, shops, and the finest sponges, this city is a local attraction that you cannot miss. And so close to our Orchid Lake RV Resort community!

Food Galore

We all love a hearty meal. Not only is the food quality important, but also the conviviality present at the dinner table. Look no further! Tarpon Springs Docks offers a plethora of restaurants that have that family feel. With Greek food as their specialty, this beautiful beach town is the perfect place to go for an evening of fine dining.


If you are looking to get some souvenirs for your loved ones, Tarpon Springs Docks has many shops to choose from. Also, did you know that you can get some of the finest sponges there? With natural sponges as their specialty, the Tarpon Sponge Company houses bath and body loofah and natural sea sponges. The beauty of these sponges is that they can be used for decoration as well! So, go pay them a visit and get some souvenirs to bring back.


At Orchid Lake RV Resort, we have tons of monthly events for our visitors and residents. But if you are looking to go out in the town, Tarpon Springs Docks also has several events and festivals. Ranging from dancing, food, cultural, and parades, these events take place year-round. You can check out their schedule here.

Arts and Culture

Florida is full of nature to admire and a mix of culture to appreciate. Did you know that Tarpon Springs is home to one of the biggest Greek communities in Florida? Yes, this is because when the sponge diving business was booming, spongers from Greece were hired to do the job. So, to learn more about the history of this city you can visit the historic district, take some cultural classes and workshops, or visit the Safford House Museum.

Explore What Surrounds Orchid Lake

At Orchid Lake RV Resort, we love our community and strive to put together events for all. But we also enjoy what our neighboring towns offer. And that is just one of the many benefits of our community, its proximity to exciting attractions. Visit us to get more information on reservation and on our community.