When considering a new home, you have to think about what makes the place so special? What about it will benefit your experience? Those answers should be obvious, and when it comes to Paradise Village in Lake Placid, you can be sure they are. At this location, you’ll be confronted with endless activities and opportunities. Read the following to see all there is to offer at Paradise Village.

Fun With Beads Class

Our “Fun With Beads” class is hosted on the 2nd Monday of every month. Also located in the pavilion, be sure to come prepared with scissors and beads. If by chance you forget to bring your own or currently do not have any, beads will be available to purchase for $3.00. To answer any questions or for further information, call Toni Metz at (941)-600-4911.

Painting Class

For all our art enthusiasts, we’ve got just the class for you! Come and be a part of our weekly painting class on Tuesdays from 1:30 to 3:00pm. Taking place at the pavilion, be prepared to paint. There is no teacher provided, so let your artistic side run free! Bring your own supplies and call Lana Yelton at 859-466-5354 to learn more.

Stretch Class

Come in and get the exercise you’ve been needing. Stretching isa great way to prep your body for the day ahead. Stretch Class will be held on Tuesdays at 12:30 pm.

Bible Study

Haven’t found a nearby church to attend? There’s no problem. Meanwhile, meet us on Tuesday mornings from 8:30-9:30am for bible study sessions. Located in the Paradise Pavilion, you are always welcome to stop by.

Water Aerobics

This is a fun activity for you to cool down while working out your body. Join us at our water aerobics sessions, which will be on Wednesdays at 11:00 am (weather permitting).


Boast in a fun game of Bingo with fellow neighbors! They will be held each Monday and Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm in the pavilion. Volunteers are still needed to call Bingo, male or female. Sign-up sheets are located on the counter in the pavilion. Volunteers are needed in order to call bingo, male or female. Please help, as our current callers could use a break from time to time. For more information, call Kathy Mikulec at 954-614-4015.

Men’s Club

Grab your friends and come out for coffee and donuts on the second Thursday of the month at 9:30am. For any further questions, contact Rusty O’Neal at 628-246-8305!

Women’s Club

We’ve got a club for our women too! Stop by and join us on all our activities. Clubs are held monthly and sometimes, we have special speakers attend! One of our speakers came from NuHope Elder Care Services, a non-profit organization that serves both Highland and Hardee counties. They provide numerous services ranging from nutritious meals for homebound folks, to help with household and personal care tasks. NuHope also offers free lunch for folks over 60 at the Diamond Bistro on Main Street, Monday-Friday. If you’re interested in attending, be sure to call ahead and let them know so they can prepare accordingly. For more information, contact Arla Derr at 28 Paradise Hill Drive, or Cathy McConnon at 24 Paradise Hill Drive.

Join Us For Adventure

Undoubtedly, there are a world of options for you to take part in with your stay at Paradise Village. Don’t hesitate to sign up for our clubs and fun activities when you join us at Garber Communities.

If you are looking for exclusive access to the unspoiled splendor of natural Florida, tons of activities, and a peaceful atmosphere, then Paradise Village is your place! This 55+ adult community is a great getaway. Located in beautiful Lake Placid, residents and visitors are able to experience the sunny splendor of Florida. In addition to the outdoor friendly weather, the Paradise Village community lies amidst nature and tranquility. With its pretty sights and amenities, see what makes Paradise Village an excellent choice for your next getaway.

Paradise Village, Kick Back and Relax

Along with its breathtaking lake views, Paradise Village offers a space to relax and recharge. Residents and visitors have many options to spend their time here. They can either enjoy the fun, yet tranquil atmosphere of the community, or they can venture out in Lake Placid. And one of the benefits of being located in this beautiful town is that residents and visitors can check out many of the local attractions available.

“It’s a pretty and quiet place to live..”

Resident’s Thoughts About Paradise Village

Don’t just read about this community, come and experience it firsthand. So, check out the availability and RV rates at Paradise Village.


At Paradise Village, residents have access to all of its amenities. Including the perfect weather for a day in the outdoors, Paradise Village also provides other qualities that ensure satisfying living conditions for all residents. Enjoy the following amenities:

  • Dock and Boardwalk
  • Swimming Pool
  • Picnic Area
  • Laundromat and Vending Facilities
  • Minutes to Lake Placid

Community Events

What is life without community? The friendly staff at Paradise Village plans weekly and monthly activities for its residents and visitors. In addition to events and activities, Paradise Village offers lunches, dinners, and cook-outs. This community has activities such as Bingo, Water Aerobics, Stretch Classes, Painting, and Bible studies. So, yes, you can say that there is something for everyone here!


Finally, Paradise Village is a hidden gem in Lake Placid! And people are talking about it. With the following 5 star reviews, see what Paradise Village visitors and residents have to say about our community.

  • “Nice place.”
  • “Small lake to fish, go tubing, and ski on ..”
  • “Very friendly people. Beautiful lake.”
  • “Close to the ocean, the coast and Disney. Quiet place for folks over 55.”

Plan Your Visit

If you want to experience the unspoiled nature of Florida, partake in tons of activities, and a wonderful atmosphere, contact us today.  Explore Paradise Village and see all it has to offer!

There’s a lot to explore in the areas around you. This attraction is a great way to learn more about your surrounding community. Tour Lake Placid is only about 1 mile from Paradise Village 55+ community! It takes about a 5 minute drive to expand your knowledge of Lake Placid, Florida. This attraction offers guests more than just history. Dive into what makes this town special by paying it a quick visit.

The Town of Murals

The Lake Placid Mural Society formed this attraction to beautify the town and tell its history. The Town of Murals is an outdoor art gallery with over 47 larger than life murals! Interestingly, some of these murals have sound, while most of them have hidden items.  The murals are designed along with companion pieces such as 17 one-of-a-kind trash containers. Other design pieces found in the Town of Murals include 45 bird plaques, over 27 clown cut-outs, a life-size bronze Florida black bear and so much more. In addition, guests are able to embark on tours of the area and art galleries. You can book a group tour, experience self- guided tours, or purchase a bus tour of the art galleries for only $6.

Titles and Significance

Lake Placid, Florida carries approximately 1800 residents. Surprisingly, as small as the area may be, Lake Placid is known for having a series of many titles. Due to the 27 pristine lakes found within this small town, Lake Placid is given the title of Florida’s Lake Country. With its thriving nature, there’s more than just lakes that make Lake Placid significant. It is the Caladium capital of the world! 95% of the world’s caladiums are grown right in this little town. Like stated above, Lake Placid is also known as the Town of Murals.

Toby’s Clown School

In addition to the many sights found in the Town of Murals, “Tour Lake Placid” consists of the American Clown Museum and School. Since 1993, Toby’s clowns have been bringing smiles to life. Lake Placid has the distinction of having more clowns per capita than any town in Florida. Keith Stokes (also known as Toby) began spending time in Lake Placid, where he began to miss being a Shrine clown. He organized the first class of clowns and graduated 6 clowns. Now, more than 1500 clowns have graduated from the American Clown School. The mission of Toby’s Clown School is to teach the art of clowning and to spread Smiles, Love & Laughter. On the exterior walls, you will discover two of Lake Placid’s famous murals. One is “Toby’s First Clown Class”, by Keith Goodson. The other is “The Art of Clowning”, by Monica Turner. Visit the gift-shop where you can purchase souvenirs, clothing, costumes and clown memoribilia.

The Lake Placid Country Fair

This fair is held annually on the first full weekend in February. There are over 200 arts and crafts booths, plenty of food and continuous entertainment.  The two-day event draws thousands of visitors, and has become one of the largest in the state. You can also take a shuttle van to the cafeteria of the Lake Placid Elementary School, where the best artists and crafters present their work to be judged.

Visit Lake Placid

There is a lot to explore even in a little town. During your stay at Paradise Village, pay a visit to some of the nearest attractions. Combine our community amenities with those found around the area. “Tour Lake Placid” is the first step to getting involved.

The Archbold Biological Station is located about 9 miles from Paradise Village. The station is is one of the most renowned in the world and is dedicated to long-term ecological research. It is part of the global effort to understand, interpret and preserve the world’s natural heritage. Ranging from the pristine, ancient sand dunes of the Lake Wales Ridge to the waters, wetlands, and wildlife of the vast open ranch-lands, the health of the headwaters affects millions of Floridians. The Archbold Biological Station is one of the most important in America, and its scientists fight to build a sustainable future for Florida.


Archbold manages and distributes a wide range of climatologic, hydrologic, atmospheric, and biotic research that detects global trends. Their long-term goal is to have comprehensive metadata/data from monitoring and research programs available over the Internet. Archbold has comprehensive species lists for many plants and animals, and holding lists for the biological collection.

Land Management

Archbold Biological Station manages about 8,600 acres of land in south-central Florida. The 5,000-acre Station property is preserved as a matrix of pristine native habitats, including oak and rosemary scrubs, sandhills, pine flatwoods, cutthroat seeps and seasonal wetlands. The other 3,600-acres contain both natural areas and extensive cattle pastures.


Another dedication of Archbold Biological Station is sharing its knowledge and habitat with students of many ages. From as young as third grade through continuing adults, the Station provides environmental education opportunities. There are four daily programs presented by the teacher and developed by Archbold, followed by a full-day visit to the Station. More than 1,300 children participate in this program annually. The Station also conducts a summer day camp,, for children (ages 7-12).

Visit Today

Paradise Village is only a 15 minute drive from this historic attraction. Whether you love nature, conservation, science, history or living green, visiting Archbold is a great way to learn, relax, and enjoy a unique atmosphere. You can sign in by completing the Release of Liability form at the Welcome Office or pick up a brochure or nature trail guidebook to begin your adventure.

This interesting attraction is located about 15 miles away from Paradise Village 55+ community. Dive into a day of fun with a visit to America’s premier sports car racing facility. Sebring is world famous for the annual 12 hours of Sebring endurance race, part of the prestigious American Le Mans Series. Every year on the third Saturday of March, the raceway hosts thousands of race fans from around the world to witness the historic 12 hour classic. Many legends have raced at Sebring. Learn more about this raceway below.

Sebring History

Sebring International Raceway is America’s oldest road racing track, with over six decades of storied history. It is also famous for celebrity participation. For six decades, Sebring has been a staple of the international sports press, from the cover of Sports Illustrated to ESPN to The Wall Street Journal. It was the site of the first-ever FIA World Championship Sports Car Race in 1953. Sebring is also known as one of the most versatile testing facilities in the motorsports industry, offering a variety of circuit configurations for club and corporate events, private testing and racing schools.

Sebring Drag Racing

On select Thursday nights of the year, Sebring International Raceway hosts drag races for car enthusiasts. It offers an opportunity to compete in a controlled environment with maximum on track time. Gates will open at 5 pm and drivers can make all the runs they can fit into a five-hour window ending at 10 pm. Admission will be $20 for drivers and $5 for spectators. Drivers must be at least 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license.