A Better Place family community is ringed within the beautiful and historic town of DeLand. This community presents a series of fun activities aimed for a good time. It is only a few minutes away from downtown DeLand, where you can embark on many different experiences. In distinction from other Garber Communities, A Better Place is the perfect family environment with much more to explore outside its walls. Here’s what highlights this community.


In addition to your stay at A Better Place, there are a multitude of amenities. When you find yourself wanting something to do, you’ll always have an option. There’s more to our community than its serene environment. A Better Place features the following amenities:

  • Screened Swimming Pool
  • Clubhouse With Reading Room
  • Billiards & Meeting Area
  • Covered Picnic Area
  • RV & Boat Storage

News & Events

Every month, A Better Place Family Community hosts activities and events for guests and residents. Also, you’ll be able to view any available homes for sale on our website. Be sure to stay updated on all community offers to participate and be a part of what we do.

Local Attractions

Downtown DeLand

Conveniently, A Better Place Family Community is only about 2 miles from thriving downtown, DeLand. There are plenty of restaurants and eateries that offer a quick meal or fine dining. In downtown DeLand, you’ll also be introduced to beauty, spa, and shopping opportunities all around. Visit other nearby parks like Blue Spring State Park, where families bask in a natural Florida atmosphere. A great area to take a stroll is through Stetson University. Significantly, it is known as Florida’s oldest private university.


  • “The park seems to be well maintained.”
  • “Quiet and friendly place to live.”
  • “Nice family park, very quiet anytime I visit.”
  • “Safe and clean community!”

Reserve Your Space

A Better Place awaits you! There’s no going wrong when joining our community. With all the amenities, attractions, and events nearby, there is always space for exciting opportunities. Garber Communities are passionate about acquiring spaces that are unique. Live in a city filled with history and Florida glamour. To make a reservation or for further information, contact us. Begin your process today!

The Stetson Mansion is only about 3 miles from DeLand, A Better Place family community. Built in 1866, it is the only mansion in Florida that was built during the Gilded Age. Its Victorian architectural design was the most advanced during that time. The Stetson Mansion flows with beautiful details that amaze all its visitors. It is a great local attraction to pay a visit. In fact, TripAdvisor has deemed the Stetson Mansion as the top-rated landmark attraction in Florida! There’s more the mansion offers than its intricate design.Stetson Mansion DeLand

Christmas Tours

Every Year, the Stetson Mansion puts on beautiful Christmas tours for its visitors. Special designers from all over the world take part in garnishing the mansion with holiday decor. Tour themes change each year. Tour guides will guide visitors throughout the first and second floors while informing each group with information on the home. Christmas traditions such as Christmas trees and gifting began during the Victorian period. The Stetson Mansion captures the beauty of Christmas in light of its Victorian background. During the tour, you will get to visit the 3 main bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and the secret master closet! While holiday music plays in the background, you’ll get to learn all about the mansion’s historic highlights as well as the story behind the restoration of its current owners! Tours are available all throughout winter but are limited during the summer.

Authentic Old Florida

The great thing about the Stetson Mansion is that it is located near an abundance of local shops and dining areas. Once you’ve completed your tour, take a walk through downtown DeLand. Only about a mile away, Mainstreet DeLand is home to many art museums, small shops, beauty salons, restaurants, and even Stetson University! There’s so much to explore. Downtown DeLand also hosts many events here and there. Check out their calendar to see if any events fall on the day of your visit to the Stetson Mansion.

Original Schoolhouse

Not only will you be able to have a tour of the Stetson Mansion, but you can also get the chance to visit the original schoolhouse! With its 15ft ceiling and gift inspiration, the schoolhouse has been considered a Zen-like cottage. An interesting fact about the mansion is that Thomas Edison was a close friend of the owner and was able to help install electricity within the home.

Stetson Mansion Wedding

This wonderful local attraction even gives you the opportunity of hosting your very own wedding! Your friends and family can enjoy an enclosed venue for the special day. Brides are given the honor of stepping down the grand staircase that was once stridden on by the Queen of England. Wedding guests may also walk through the Stetson Mansion while on their way to the outdoor reception. Wedding package prices vary depending on what is included. Not only will you get to experience a beautiful wedding, but you will be able to take in the view of the detailed mansion.

Explore A Better Place

A Better Place in DeLand, Florida is an excellent place to experience Florida nature and wildlife. On top of its amenities such as the swimming pool, clubhouse, and picnic area, you can stroll through Mainstreet DeLand on a random day or visit other local attractions such as the Stetson Mansion. Contact us today to plan a visit.

The Athens Theatre is part of the short selection of classic American theaters in Central Florida. Inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture, this local attraction was once the heart of DeLand. It is only located about 2 miles from A Better Place family community. There’s no excuse not to go. DeLand craftsmen constructed the theatre and portrayed the greatest design and construction at the time. It was built in honor of Henry DeLand’s vision to create a city that would become the “Athens” of Florida.Athens Theatre In DeLand

Live Performances

If you love to watch live shows, the Athens Theatre is the perfect place to go. The theatre hosts live performances of legendary classics. For example, scheduled in 2019 are performances of The Lion King, Always Patsy Cline, and Singin’ In the Rain! The Athens Theatre offers a “Rest of 2018-2019 Season” package that allows you to purchase tickets (for the 3 productions mentioned above) ahead of time for a 20% discount! Performers also take on other productions such as Holiday Inn, A Christmas Carol, The Carpenters, The McCartney Project, etc.

Youth Theatre

This is a great opportunity for young people to combine their passion for theatre with advancement in education. Within the youth theatre, you can participate in monthly workshops or summer camps. In addition, the staff uses theatrical techniques to conduct programs geared toward needs such as emphasis on oral language development, social skill development, and cultural diversity. 

Athens Theatre History

Architect Murray S. King designed this historic attraction in 1921. The very first performance took place on the opening night of January 6th, 1922. The performance included a movie, live theatre, and multiple vaudeville acts. On January 5th, 1922, the day before its opening, the DeLand Daily News declared the Athens Theatre to be “Florida’s Handsomest Theatre” and “a gem of architecture”. That is just one reason why this is a great place to visit.

Sit back and Enjoy a Show

The Athens Theatre is located in downtown DeLand near many other attractions. All it takes is to purchase your ticket and enjoy the show. Ticket prices vary depending on seating locations. Whether you’re sitting front row or watching from afar, you can enjoy an interesting production put on by many talented performers. Because the Athens theatre is less than 3 miles from A Better Place, you can make a quick stop while enjoying the hospitality offered at Garber Communities. Give us a call to learn more about our park, or visit us today.